Wednesday, September 17, 2008

105th Birthday!

If I have done the math correctly we will be celebrating our 105th birthday soon!  My youngest daughter above is turning 19 this month. Her older brother celebrated his first birthday in 1977. Their ages along with their two sisters adds up to 105 birthdays. It is crazy to think of how many hours of party planning, party invitations, party favors, dollars on gifts, pinatas, cupcakes to school, bottles of icing sprinkles, candles,  balloons,  party games, rolls of film,  gift bags,  gift wrap, crete paper, party guests, party plates and napkins, and scoops of ice cream that must be.

Birthdays are a big deal in our family and we celebrate every single one with their own party. The grandkids light up whether it is one of their birthdays or one of the adults. We don't always do birthday cake to hold the birthday candles. Some want brownies, others donuts, some ice cream sundaes, and a few favor ice cream cakes. My youngest daughters treat of choice is what we call Ice Cream Balls. They are a recipe I created that is much like the fried ice cream you can get at mexican food restaurants except for way better! I will share the recipe along with a photo of this year's ice cream balls after we celebrate our 105th birthday party.

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