Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Best Way I Know

  I was just 45 when I joined the ranks of being a grandma. I have had eight years of experience which by no means makes me a veteran or an expert in the skills of being a grandma. My "grandma style" is the best way I know how to fill the role. My experience with my own grandma's was very limited. On my mother's side I had a step-grandma who lived very far away. My interaction with her was very limited. On my father's side my grandmother died of cancer when I was young. I do have a few memories with my grandma's that I will share at a later time. My own mother has been a wonderful example of her own "grandma style" which I will share later with much love and admiration.

I had no idea that being a grandma "the best way I know" would cause so much excitement and interest among other grandmas and the parents of other grandchildren. I have been told so many times that I need to share my ideas with other grandmas. I have decided to finally heed their very strong encouragement and share my ideas and resources on being a grandma the best way I know.

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