Monday, September 22, 2008

Pajama Watermelon Bust?

Every once in a while I will do an impromptu  family gathering. On this night I had just cut open an ice cold watermelon that was very sweet and absolutely perfect for a hot Arizona night. It needed to be shared. I called my kids who live nearby and asked if it would work for their families to have an impromptu tailgate watermelon bust. Everyone was in, so we loaded  the truck with the watermelon, cutting board, and napkins and headed down the street. (I have two sets of kids and 7 grandchildren that live just down the street from me.)

In the headlights on our way down we could already see the little ones running out into their yards and driveways anxious for our arrival. To our surprise they were all in their pajamas. We lowered the tailgate and served the watermelon. Everyone had their fill of the cold juicy treat. The party only lasted about 20 minutes but it created one more very sweet memory for all of us!

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