Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Butterfly Habitat Craft

The butterfly habitat craft was the gathering craft at the 2008 Grandkid's Camp Out. I had the table ready to start the craft as each child arrived.

Ahead of time: I gathered recycled plastic peanut jars. I made personalized labels for each child on my home computer.

How to make the butterfly habitat:

Place the lid on the table and stick a mound of molding clay to the inside of the lid. Have a selection of stemmed silk flowers, rocks, sticks, and dry floral and plants. Allow the children to make their own arrangement by sticking their selections in the clay. Give each child 3 or 4 butterfly stickers. Stick the butterfly stickers to the flowers and stems. Attach each childs name label to the outside of the bottle using a glue stick or clear packing tape. (The bottom of the bottle will now be the top of the habitat.) Carefully place the bottle over the arrangement and tighten the lid.

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