Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My tradition for Halloween is to get each child a Halloween card and mail it to them. They all love getting mail with their names on it. I purchase adorable cards in the dollar store at 2 for a buck. I write a small personal note to each one and place a Halloween sticker on the back over the seal.

I do get to see them all on Halloween when they come to my house for their treat. All of the cousins trick or treat together with their parents and we usually meet as a family at the end of the night.


  1. can you be my grandma?? your crafts are awesome!!

    I love this bon fire.. but in australia we use plastic trees as we don't have fir trees here

  2. Thanks, my crafts are most often inspired by the resources I have or that I come across. My father who is 88 eats a lot of peanuts. He saves all of his peanut jars and he asked me if I would like them. I currently have six grandkids old enough to do crafts. I always create a sample of what we are going to be doing for them to see before we start. So, if I have seven of anything my creative mind begins to click.

    The peanuts jars became butterfly habitats at our most recent grandkid's camp out.

    My hands on navtivity set was inspired by juice bottles!