Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday Table that Seats Sixteen!

Here's a tip that I do for a BIG family dinner. I enjoy having everyone sit at the same table so we can visit while we enjoy our meal. I used our regular dining room table and an eight foot folding table pushed together. Two matching table cloths covered the joint. I used benches on two sides to seat eight (mostly grandkids), and chairs on the other two sides for eight more.

Another idea I have heard of is to purchase a piece of plywood to add for a table top when a larger table is needed. The plywood can be easily stored in the garage between uses. Protect your table with a a piece of felt or something before putting the plywood on top. A sheet would be a great option for an oversized tablecloth.

Safety Tip: If doing the plywood method I would suggest rounding the corners a bit and glue or tack a cushion of some kind on the corners. This would make it safer for your linen and any precious little heads that may be running by.

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