Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kid's Christmas Ornament Craft

Two very cute Christmas ornaments were created by the kids at last years Christmas Day Camp. Both are very kid friendly.

1. Can of Snowballs

Before you start write the name of each child on the bottom of their can. Show the children the completed project sample. Cans were purchased at the dollar store in the wedding section @ 6 for a $1. The snowballs were a strand of glittered white beads that I had purchased on a clearance rack really, really cheap after the previous holidays. I first gave the children a selection of holiday stickers to decorate their cans. I then gave them a strand of beads (I knew ahead of time approx. how many they would need to fill their can.) to cut apart and a plate to hold the beads to keep them from rolling away. On the same plate each child got a squirt of craft glue. We first filled the bottoms of the cans with some wadded up white tissue paper that had we dipped in the glue to make it stick to the bottom of the can. The children then begin to fill the can with the white glitter beads dipping each one in glue and sticking it to the tissue paper, other beads, or the can. Once the beads had dried in place we added some festive curly ribbon to the handles.

2. Beaded Wreath Ornament

This is made from a pipe cleaner and wooden holiday beads. Once again, I had found these beads on clearance for not much money at all. (I usually find my supplies cheap then create the craft!) I took the beads off of the strand and gave each child the number and colors they needed for the project. (I had the project kits made up ahead of time.) I gave them each a bowl to hold their supplies. I had also used some star craft beads that I had on hand to create more of a pattern. I first showed the children the finished sample craft. We then loosely folded our pipe cleaner in half. We started with the bottom center bead right at the bend in the pipe cleaner then worked up on both sides to create our bead pattern. When all of the beads were on we gave the pipe cleaner one twist then created a loop hanger with the pipe cleaner ends. We then attached a wired bow to the top. (The bows were already made and in their kit)

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  1. Great ideas, and with the holidays coming I'm going to plan some for Noah.

    Thanks Dorothy from grammology