Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pine Cone Critter Craft

This is a craft we did on a recent trip to our summer cabin in the pines. I supplied the blocks of wood for the base and had the children go for a hike to look for the perfect pine cones and a stick for the base. I hot glued the stick and the pine cones on the wood block to give them a sturdy base to work on.

The kids were supplied with pipe cleaners, yarn, felt, googly eyes, pompoms, craft hair, foam sheets, a variety of trims, and silk flowers and leaves. One of the kids turned his pine cones into a critter bug family by making fun and squiggly antennas on top of their heads out of colorful pipe cleaners. After getting the project home his 2 year old brother insisted on feeding the buggies cheese and crackers every day. When the little guy would get poked with the pine cone while feeding them he would say "no buggie, don't bite buggie."

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  1. I love this craft!! I think my 2 year old is a little young to do this one, but it is a fabulous idea!