Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Craft Tote 2007

This is a tote we made at the beginning of our Christmas Day Camp. It is to hold their completed crafts throughout the day. When it is time to go home everyones crafts are in their own tote and the kids can easily carry them all by themselves.

We put some ice cream buckets to good use for this easy tote. The children first decorated the outside of the bucket with a variety of Christmas stickers. I had made a coloring page print out on card stock for each child. I had included the cutting line to create a circle that would cover the lid. The children colored the pictures, then cut out the circles. They glued the cut out to the lid using a glue stick. We then added curling ribbon to the handle. I wrote each of their names on their lids. The buckets are lined up on a low table from youngest to oldest and they keep everyones treasures safe until our Christmas day camp is over.

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