Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Easy Christmas Frame Craft

This is a very simple Christmas craft for kids. They love pasting so this was a very kid friendly project. Ahead of time I cut out the white frames using card stock. The opening in the center is just smaller than an index card. Punch a hole in the top center of the frame. I spray painted the macaroni ahead of time. You could use any shape you like. To paint the macaroni I layed it out on an old cookie sheet, sprayed, allowed to dry, turn with a spatula, spray, and repeat until well coated.

The kids filled in the frame with the macaroni. Remind them not to put any macaroni over the pre-punched hole on the top. Allow the frames to dry. I gave each child an index card and a choice of small Christmas pictures for the center. (You could do a picture of the child.) I used a variety of large stickers. Paste or stick the picture to the center of the un-ruled index card. Center the index card on the back of the frame opening and tape securely into place.

Use a piece of string or yarn to make a hanger. Attach the hanger through the hole on the top. Glue a bow over the picture opening for a fun and festive finishing touch!

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