Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Year Hanging on Our Christmas Tree

This ornament along with many others will be packed up in their own special box this year. My youngest daughter is engaged and is planning to be  married next summer. She will be taking the ornaments from our tree that she has made and collected since she was born to start her own family collection.

She made this ornament when she was in preschool and it has been hanging on our tree for many years. Her very first ornament was collected at just three months old.

All of our ornaments are very special to us and the memories of each of them bring us  so much joy each year as we unpack them and hang them on our tree. It is a bit sad to think that all of the handmade ornaments that my children have made over the last 32 years will all be gone next Christmas. 

It is however fun to see them bringing joy to the next generation in their own homes where they are all starting their very own family Christmas  traditions and memories.

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