Friday, December 19, 2008

Made with Love

Great Grandma (my mother) has made hundreds of tied quilts for her family over the years. She has 22 grandchildren and three times that in great grandchildren. Every child received a tied quilt or quilts as an infant, and special quilts were made for our family when she found fabric she thought a certain child or adult would like. Many other quilts were given to her children and their families as a gift of her love to keep us warm in our beds. Every grandchild received a king size quilt as a wedding gift too.

Quilts will forever be her legacy . They cover the beds and are snuggled with by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren across the United States.

Great Grandma is in her eighties now and she is no longer able to make quilts. This makes the quilts she made for us very precious. I worked with my mother this year and together we made small tied quilt Christmas ornaments. It was a special time for my mother and I and I was very happy to see her enjoying using her quilting skills on a much smaller scale.

My mother was in my home when each of my children and grandchildren chose the quilt ornament to take home to put on their Christmas tree. They all loved them. These small quilt ornaments will be honored and kept for generations in our family as a reminder of great grandma and her legacy of the quilts she made with love for her family.

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