Monday, January 19, 2009

The Broadway Babies

Introducing the Broadway Babies! Three of my granddaughters performed with their dance company at a recent community event.  The two younger girls (far left in photos) are part of the Broadway Babies and the older sister (that I am very sad to say, I did not get a photo of because I ran out of memory) danced with the older dance team.

The family was out in force to support the girls in their first stage performance. Three of the boy cousins watched with admiration and excitement as the girls took the outdoor stage to perform their adorable and well rehearsed dance routines. 

The girls were as cute as they could be and they felt like a million bucks. They had their first experience with stage make up and hair. They were all wearing jewels in their hair and matching glittering earrings as part of their dancing attire.

This grandma couldn't have been more proud of the girls for all of the practice they had put into learning the dances and for their courage to go on stage. I was also very proud of all those who attended to show their love and support to their granddaughters, nieces, and cousins!

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