Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Pecking Order This Day

We had this little guy for two days and a night to help out his mom and dad. I can't think of another time when he has had his Grandma and Papa all to himself. He was absolutely perfect during his stay with us. He slept good, he ate good, and he was as happy as he could be. He is number eight out of nine grandchildren and when all of the grandchildren are here together he is usually near the bottom of the pecking order for the toys, the treats, the favorite sippy cup, and for his turn to sit on the coveted stepping stool.

I have a bottom drawer with all of the plates, bowls, and cups for the little ones. I don't think he could believe his luck in getting any one he wanted. He got all of the toys to himself and even his choice of the blankets for bedtime. Bringing the step stool out was like a dream come true for the little guy. ALL of my grandchildren love this well used step stool and there is a clear pecking order (within the minds of the grandchildren) of who should get to sit on it. It was really fun to see him climb up and down and spend as much time as he wanted sitting on his thrown for the day.

Papa and I really enjoyed our two on one time with our adorable #8!

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  1. Hey, can I ever relate! I just did bath time for my nine month old granddaughter (I only have one) for the second time. I had to raid my closet for all the plastic containers and lids so that she had something to play with. I will have to get some rubber duckies next time I see a sale. Your grandson is sdorable! Hope everyone recovers quickly and the germs bypass you!