Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recycling our Christmas Trees

Our family has discovered a really fun way to recycle our Christmas trees. We use fresh cut Christmas trees in our homes.  At the first of the year we recycle the trees into an annual family event.  This family tradition is looked forward to every year.

This year we burned our trees one at a time rather than one huge bonfire. Each one burned very differently. The first one went up in a huge poof and burned really hot and fast. The flames probably went 30 feet up. The sight was a bit scary since that tree had been inside a home just a few days before.  The next tree to be thrown on the fire had stayed really fresh even after being taken out of water and laying in the sun for several days. It burned very slow and made a lot of smoke. Not so great for this event but a great feather in the cap for Home Depot Christmas trees.  My son had packaged his tree in a huge TV box for the event. The entire box was thrown on the fire.  It was an amazing sight as it burned though the cardboard igniting the dry tree within!

The grandkids love this event each year and the adults keep a very watchful eye over them to ensure that everyone stays safe. Donuts and hot chocolate were enjoyed by everyone at the end of this very fun family tradition.

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