Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day with Grandma and Papa

One of our grandson's has really been wanting to spend a day with us without his baby brother. He had a day off of school today for President's Day so I had arranged about a week ago for him to come and spend the day with us until bedtime. He arrived with great excitement and wanted to start our day doing some crafts. So, that is exactly what we did. We went to my grandkids craft drawers and pulled out some supplies to create a project. We decided to create some craft stick animal puppets.

We worked on our crafts until it was time to go to lunch. The restaurant of his choice was the "star" place. Carl's Jr. where he loves their star chicken nugget kids meal! After lunch we went to see the movie  "Hotel for Dogs". He loved it. We then went and spent about an hour walking around PetSmart looking at all of the fish, birds, reptiles, cats, and rodents!

We then headed for a local water machine to fill our water bottle. He was thrilled to help his papa put in the quarters and fill the bottle. Right next door was a new donut place. I asked him if he liked donuts? I know that he loves donuts. His eyes lit up and he squealed a big yes!  He searched the entire donut case before making his final selection. We sat  in the donut shop and enjoyed our donuts together while having some great conversation.

He was anxious to get back home and work on our craft project again. We had a bit of outdoor play time then back to crafts. His boy cousins dropped by and they had a great time playing together outdoors until dinner time. 

His choice for dinner was "sucky noodles",  which is ramen soup  on his favorite plate at grandma's house and a cup of chocolate milk. After dinner he hit the shower and papa helped dry him off and get on his pajamas. He finally finished up his craft project just in time to leave for home so he could be home in time for a school night bedtime.

When he got home he told his mommy and daddy all about his day. Papa and I got a big hug and thank you as we left.  We know that this day meant a lot to the little guy and us ..... we had a really great day too!

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