Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heart Attack Someone for Valentine's Day

This is a fun thing to do anytime of the year to let someone know that they are appreciated and loved. It could be a big surprise for your grandchildren or you could help your grandchildren do it for someone else.

You first cut out dozens of hearts out of colored construction paper in all different sizes. You can have a color theme or you can use all of the colors of the rainbow! 

To "Heart Attack" someone you take all of the paper hearts and cover the space while the receiving person is away. You could do the bedroom of a child, the bedroom door of a child,  a front door to a home, or a garage door. It could even be Dad's office, Grandpa's shop, or the inside of a car.  The options are probably endless. One of my granddaughters once "heart attacked" my husbands bathroom vanity and mirror area as a surprise for him when he returned from a long day at work. It looked adorable and imagine her Papa's surprise!

You can write little notes of appreciation and love on some of the hearts too. This is a really neat thing to both give and receive. So why not give it a try this Valentines' Day?

Hint: Use the blue painters tape to hang the paper hearts. It won't damage paint, furniture, fabrics, or finishes.

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