Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Morning Tradition with Grandma

My morning couldn't have started better today. I was awoke by my nine year old granddaughter who had spent the night. She climbed in bed with me and said "remember that game we play while looking out the window?" I said, "I sure do....would you like to play it again?"

For quite some time a high arched window in my bedroom was left bare before having shutters installed. The tradition started when she climbed in bed with me one morning when she was just five or six. We would lay there looking out the window and take turns naming things that we could possibly see in the sky above.

This morning she quickly accepted the invitation to play the game again and she jumped out of bed and opened the shutters then climbed back in bed and snuggled next to me. We had a great time coming up with many answers. Some were silly and made us laugh. She said a bathtub for one of her answers and I said bathtubs can't fly through the air. She replied with a very matter of fact "Things happen Grandma!"

My favorite answer that she gave this morning was a cannonball! We have done this more times than I can even count. It is such a simple thing and it has created wonderful early morning memories for both of us.

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  1. That is so sweet, Courtney quite often likes to climb in my lap and say, " Grandma tell me about the day I was born".