Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bargains! My Favorite Thing to Find

I went to CVS to have my prescriptions filled yesterday. I chose CVS this time because I had two gift cards that I had received for free for filling previous prescriptions there months ago. While waiting for my prescriptions to be filled I browsed the store. I found a bunch of storage containers at DEEPLY reduced prices. I had been needing some so this was a great find. When I went to check out with my prescriptions the cost was completely covered with my free gift cards and the receipt included a $5 off coupon on any purchase in the store of $15 dollars or more for the next three days.

I went and loaded my cart with thirteen storage containers in a variety of sizes. The CVS shopping carts are very small and I was making a huge purchase so it was very awkward and quite a balancing act getting my purchase to the register. Most of the containers were valued at more that seven dollars each and I didn't pay more than a $1.50 each. On top of that, my total was just over the $15 dollar mark before tax so, I used the $5 off coupon I had just received. My total cost was just over $13 for 13 storage containers. A savings of $60.88!

If mood and happiness boost the immune system as research says then I received a much needed shot to my immune system with this find!

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