Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grandkid's Camp Out 2009 Invite

I have posted many times about the past activities, traditions, crafts, and more that we have done over the years at the annual Grandkid's' Camp Out. I have some extra fun things planned this year but I can't post about them yet because I want them to be kept as a surprise. My grandkids have been known to read my blog! So, I will have to let you know what's new this year a bit later.


  1. These ideas are so great! We were thinking of camping during Spring Break. I want to do all this stuff with my kids!

  2. You are so clever and creative! What I really like about your ideas is they are activities that cost little but will give your grandchildren memories that last a lifetime.

  3. Pure GENIUS! Please don't ever stop this tradition! They will always look back on this with the most fondest memories.