Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Necklaces

When I have all nine of my grandchildren together I like to do things to make them feel united. This year we are all attending the fireworks together. I was in the dollar store recently and I saw some red, white, and blue tinsel garland that was really thick and shiny. Like always, I found inspiration in this glittery dollar find.

The strand was nine feet long. I have nine grandchildren, so I cut it into nine, one foot lengths. I added a bit of clear tape to the cut wire ends to keep it from possibly unraveling. I tied 24" lengths of blue yarn about an inch in on each end of the cut tinsel.

I had created nine very festive 4th of July necklaces for a buck! The necklaces ended up being part of a small gift box that I made for each child. The shiny thick tinsel necklaces made the perfect topper for the patriotic gift boxes!

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