Monday, September 28, 2009

An Adventure through the Meadow

Papa and I had been living across from this meadow and pond for a few weeks without ever going to check it out. We had no idea what exciting things we would discover when we headed out on this adventure with our three young grandsons and their parents.

Everything was discovered with so much excitement. There were several piles of animal bones, some complete skeletons. You can only imagine the thrill of their grizzly finds. They discovered bedding areas of large animals. We guessed probably the beds of deer or elk. The ponds edge was filled with thousands of growing cat tails which they harvested as a souvenir. A big highlight for these three boys was finding a decaying Racoon at the waters edge.

The boy's daddy and their Papa taught the boys how to skip rocks and each tried to outdo one another by creating big splashes tossing bigger and bigger stones into the pond. It was a beautiful day for such an adventure. Discovering the meadow and the pond through the eyes of our grandsons was an absolute gift.

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