Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grandma Shelley Interviewed by the LA Times?

Crazy but true! I was recently contacted by the LA Times about the grandkid camps I do for my grandchildren. They say it is a growing trend among grandparents and they wanted ME to share what my grandkid camps are all about.

I had a telephone interview yesterday and the journalist interviewing me asked some great questions. She was also very familiar with this blog where she can also pull information about my grandkid camps.

I LOVE being a grandma and I LOVE creating memories with my grandchildren. I also LOVE event planning! Creating, brainstorming, planning, organizing, and presenting any event is "my thing". I thrive in all of the little details and in all of the special little touches.

My Grandkid's camps and many of the other things I plan for my grandchildren and family provide an avenue to do what I love. When the events I plan include my children and grandchildren the joy I find in the process is greatly magnified.

I have been a grandma for nearly 10 years and the number of "events" that I have planned for my family and grandchildren is unknown. What is known is that I am very blessed with a very close family. They all support and participate in our family events. My grandchildren are not just cousins and my children are not just siblings, but they are also all very good friends which is very important to me too.

Being recognized by the outside world for what I refer to as my "Grandma Style" is a great feeling. What I do as a grandma comes very natural to me and I enjoy sharing with and maybe even inspiring other grandparents through this blog to find the same joy that I have found in being a grandma! I am thrilled when I learn that other grandparents have used my ideas to enrich the lives of their grandchildren and when they have created their very own memories with their grandchildren.

The article will be printed in the LA Times and on line this month. I will keep you posted!

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