Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Christmas Eve Tradition

This Christmas tradition brings my heart more joy than any other. Bringing our entire family together for a shared meal at one big dining table makes my heart swell with gratitude for the wonderful family that I have.

I use three tables to create one table big enough for all nineteen of us to sit around. I used table linens to cover the tables to create the look of one big table. A table this size requires a huge centerpiece. I pull from my holiday home decor to create a fun and festive centerpiece to run the length of the table. This year I used a strand of Christmas lights in the table decor.

I use my glass Christmas plates, real silverware, and my best drinking glasses for this special occasion. Yes, that means a full dishwasher after dinner.

Our menu is also a tradition. Roasted Prime Rib, salad, potatoes, bread, and a dessert. I provide the prime rib and my kids bring the sides and desserts. The meal is always extra yummy and a real holiday treat.

Activities to entertain the kids are always planned for after dinner. This year I gave the kids some new hand puppets and sent them to the toy room to create some puppet shows. This allowed some quiet time for the adults and then some fun entertainment when the kids were ready to present the show. This Christmas Eve tradition is an absolute keeper for our family!

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