Saturday, February 20, 2010

Could it Possibly Be?

Could it possibly be? It sure is..... the same little girl! Talk about being well rounded. This little girl (my second of three granddaughters) is perfectly balanced between being a sweet little girly girl and an adorable tomboy that will not be out done by her little brother or any of her six boy cousins.

She loves the glamour of dance recitals, frilly dresses, and trips to the spa to have her toes and nails done. She also loves the thrill of amusement park rides that are hard to get any adults to ride with her on. She is a natural at gymnastic lessons, she can climb a tree like a squirrel, rip around on a quad, run like a jackrabbit, and she would never shy away from a mud puddle!

Her excitement for life, for experiencing new things, and her can do attitude is really fun to see.

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