Monday, February 15, 2010

Grandma Camp's a Growing Trend?

I was recently contacted by the Los Angeles Times about the Grand kid Camps that I host for my grandchildren each year. I was happy to learn that grand kid camps are a growing trend among grandparents. I was even happier to share my grand kid camp experiences with the Los Angeles Times.

I am currently the grandma to ten amazing grandchildren. It is our tradition to do two camps a year for our grandchildren. We have a twelve hour Christmas Day Camp soon after Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season or what we call the Ho...Ho...Holidays. In the early summer we have an overnight "Grandkid's Camp Out" for those grandchildren who are potty trained and older.

At the birth of this wonderful family tradition we only had two little campers. They were three and four years old. Last summer we had grown to seven campers at our overnight camp out. The campers were between the ages of three and nine. We had nine campers at our Christmas Day Camp in 2009. The kids were between the ages of eighteen months and nine years. The grand kids look forward to the camps all year long. I, as the organizer "The Camp Director" begin brainstorming for the next camp as soon as the current one ends.

My website shares several ideas for things to do at both camps. The camps are fully scheduled from the time the kids arrive until they go home. The activities are varied including a wide variety of crafts, group games and activities, learning workshops, music time, baking, hiking, sports, outdoor cooking, camping skills, and lots of eating!

I have learned over the years that ample pre-planning, over the top organization, a posted schedule, and prepping as much as possible for the planned activities, snacks, and meals are key to the success of the camp. With the number of campers growing so has my need for extra adult hands and eyes to help keep everyone safe and on task. My husband and I manage the overnight camp out together. The Christmas Day Camp has grown into needing even more help to watch the little ones. The children's great grandma who is in her mid seventies has helped us for the last few years.

My goals for the camps include providing a fun and enriching experience for the children, to strengthen family bonds between the generations, to create memories, and to help build love, friendships, family bonds, and special memories between the siblings and cousins.

I am a strong believer in the importance of and the blessings of having family traditions. Our family has many traditions that we look forward to throughout the year. Some traditions are just for the adults and most others are for young and old. The grand kids camps where it is "just for the kids" are priceless opportunities for Papa and I to create lasting memories with our grandchildren. Grand kid camps are an absolute keeper in our family!


  1. What an awesome blog! I love your ideas and enthuisiasm for grandparenting. I personally think being grandma is the dessert after motherhood. We do little things like you do for our grandchildren but unfortunately we don't get them all together very often. We have 17 of them and half are in Washington and half are here in Ivins, Utah. We used to do an "unbirthday" party because our first 5 grandkids had birthdays in November, December and January which made a long year with no birthday parties. We do a Christmas "event" and little day camps like you've mentioned. I will be checking your blog regularly now that I've found you. I love blogs like this!

  2. I love the grandma camp idea. I haven't tried it yet. Last summer I had my grandkids come individually for a special day and sleepover. Just 5 of the seven came, the others were too little. It helped me to see their individual personalities. They got to pick what we did. I hope to do it again this summer.

  3. I planned to do a Grandma Camp last summer, but between the kids' plans and two trips of our own, the summer got away. This coming summer, I am not going to let that happen. In fact, on Saturday I am hosting a one-day Grandma Camp. My two daughters are both involved in a journalism competition, so I am going to have five of their kids over, plus my son and his daughter. My oldest granddaughter will be at the journalism contest, so I will be just one grandchild short of a full complement. Wish me luck! I'm stealing ideas from you.

  4. Wonderful blog! Congratulations on being interviewed by Los Angeles Times. I don't recall hearing much about Grandma camps when I was growing up, but I look forward to hosting and planning them when our little grandson is old enough to come. In the meantime, I'm collecting ideas . . .