Friday, March 5, 2010

Buddy Burners

It is so much fun seeing the next generation being introduced to the things that my own children loved to do as kids.

Making buddy burners was a regular activity for my kids. They cooked their own lunches many, many times on their do it yourself buddy burners. Hot dogs, soup, grilled cheese, eggs. Even without the best results the food was gobbled up because they had cooked it themselves!

Since fire and hot wax are involved adult supervision is highly recommended.

How to Make a Buddy Burner:

You will need: short sided cans such as tuna cans, cardboard, candles, lighter or matches, and a gallon can.

1. Cut strips of cardboard to match the depth of the can.
2.  Fill the can tightly with the strips of cardboard.
3. Light a candle and hold it above the can. Allow the wax to fill all of the cracks in the cardboard.
4. Light the buddy burner with a match or a lighter.
5. You can roast over the open flame. Hot dogs, marshmallows, or bits of biscuit dough twisted on a stick are a few ideas.
6. To create a stove top, vent a gallon can and place it over the top of the burner.

Tips: Save the gallon, it can be used over and over. Sawdust can be used instead of cardboard. Save those tuna cans!

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