Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Cupcakes

These very cute cupcakes are for Easter dinner dessert for my grandchildren . I first saw the idea in a Betty Crocker calendar of creative cupcake ideas.

I didn't need the calendar but I couldn't pass up the $1 resource of the fun and colorful ideas it was filled with. These cupcakes are my own variation to an idea in the calendar.

To create these cupcakes:

Bake 2 dozen cupcakes as directed on your favorite cake mix box.

Allow to cool. Make a butter cream frosting. Color the frosting as desired.

To create the flowers on the top: Cut large marshmallows (using clean scissors) into five even slices each to create the petals. Slicing the marshmallows creates a sticky side. Dip the sticky side into sugar. I made up all of my petals before I began icing and decorating.

Ice your cupcakes one at a time. Before the icing sets set the petals in place to form the flower. To create the centers of the flowers I cut jelly beans in half and anchored them with a tiny dab of icing.

I was especially excited to find a bag of marshmallows that had white, pink, and pink and white marshmallows for this project. I dipped the pink marshmallow petals in white sugar to give them some sparkle.

The original idea in the calendar was done using a white cake mix, white cupcake wrappers, bright white icing, white marshmallows, and pastel sugars were used to add color to the petals. They were done for a birthday and each flower had a white birthday candle in the center. They were beautiful!

This decorating idea is simple enough for the grandkids to do too. I'm thinking you could use the same marshmallow idea to create butterflies!  Can't wait to give it a try.


  1. I love all your ideas! You are a super gramma. I showed your site to my daughter in law and she loves it. She had a tea party for her daughter and all her little friends so I showed her your site for more ideas. We are thinking of doing somehting for next Christmas because they and all kids and grandkids will be here!

  2. I have used the Marshmallow petals many times. I made mum cupcakes dipping the cut marshmallows diagnolly to get more of a mum shaped petal. I've also used the pink marshmallows and cut the large ones diagnolly twice to make wings for pink flamingo cupcakes :) Lots of ways to use this awesome idea....thanks so much for sharing!! This will be added to my collection!