Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Blessings

We have all heard the phrase "like herding cats". This phrase became very well understood on Easter Sunday while trying to get a picture of all of the grandchildren together. They had all gathered their Easter baskets, got on their shoes, and were excited to get the Easter egg hunt started when the silly adults wanted to stop for a group picture!

We had had Easter lunch at my daughters house. The Easter egg hunt was down the street at my house. We  (20 of us) headed down together so the nine grands could search for the fifteen dozen eggs that had been hidden in our front yard!

The kids followed the directions perfectly to follow their uncle and Papa and not to run ahead. Once they got the "GO" they scattered quickly to search every square inch of our nearly half acre front yard. We had one area that was off limits for the older, more experienced, and skilled Easter egg hunters. The area was reserved for the littlest three grands.

The youngest toddler to the ten year old and everyone in between truly enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt with their cousins.

This little guy stopped searching long before the others to see and to share with his daddy what goodies filled his eggs.

Once again, it was like herding cats (this time wild cats) to get another group picture after the egg hunt. In fact, this photo is missing our youngest egg hunter. It was a good day that was filled with love and gratitude for both family and for our resurrected Savior Jesus Christ.

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