Monday, May 10, 2010

Camp Out Rock Stars

The Grandkids Rock-n-Roll dance party was scheduled for just after dark. The kids had made their own rock star wristbands earlier in the day as their ticket into our dance club. They had all visited the tattoo parlor (the dining room table) just before the dance where they got to choose their rock star tattoos. I then gave them each a gift bag with a Rock-n-Roll shirt to wear to the dance party.

They all changed into their new shirts and they were ready to 


This little guy, my youngest grandson was not at the dance party but he came at the end of the Camp Out to help pick up his big brothers. He had to get in on the rock-n-roll action too!

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  1. The kids are too adorable. The pictures are a testimony to how much they loved their "wock pawty." Congratulations on another successful Grandma Camp!