Monday, June 14, 2010

Rock Star Coloring Project

The second day of our camp out started earlier than planned and all of the campers awoke hungry and ready for breakfast. Once breakfast was over we were still an hour ahead of our scheduled activities. Papa and I needed some time to get ready for the day so we had to think of something to keep the kids busy while we took turns showering.

Papa thought quick on his feet and he pulled out our big roll of paper and our markers. The kids all worked together on a big banner. It was clear from their drawings that they loved our rock star theme.

I loved seeing them working together on the project.

Even our littlest campers joined in the fun!

All of the kids were very creative. I think my favorite memory of the entire camp out came from this impromptu activity when I saw what my granddaughter had created. It tugged at my heart as I realized that one of the main purposes of my camp was being met. 

I title this masterpiece
 "Eight Little Campers Building Bonds and Memories as Cousins"

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