Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School Party Game "Timed Memory Game"

Can you guess what time it is?

The invitation to the back to school party kicked off a party theme of "time"

This game was perfect for the occasion.

Timed Memory Game

These cards were from a deck of flash cards that teach children how to tell the time. You could make your own or have the children help make them.

There were 7 cards:

1. Time to get up.
2. Time for breakfast.
3. Time for school.
4. Time for lunch.
5. Time for dinner.
6. Time to read.
7. Time for bed.

To Play:

Scatter the cards around the room face down.

Start timing when the person who is "it" runs and looks at a card. He can only take the card if it is the "time to get up"card. If it is not the correct card he leaves the card face down and tries to remember which card it was and it's location for later in the memory race.

He continues to look at the cards until he finds the "time to get up" card.

Select a place or a person for the cards to be placed or given as they are found before proceeding to look for the next card.

The next card to find would be "Time for breakfast".  The player needs to remember if he has already seen that card or eliminate the cards that he knows are not the one he is looking for.

Continue until all of the cards are found in the correct order. When the final card "Time for bed" finishes the players stack the timer stops.

It is a race against time and your memory. The player with the quickest time wins. An inexpensive stop watch would be a good prize with a tag that reads "This TIME you win!"

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