Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Many New Firsts with the Grands

As grandparents we love seeing or hearing about all of the firsts. Those thrilling moments when we see the little ones we love master a developmental skill. The first time they grasp our finger, roll over, learn to crawl, those first steps, those first words, big kid undies, mastering the tricycle, the removal of training wheels, and on, and on as they grow.

This picture caught another first for ME at least. One that was filled with more nervousness than excitement at first. My ten year old granddaughter came over one afternoon after school. While here she said she needed to take a snack to school the next day to share with her class so we made up a batch of peanut butter cookies.

She did all of the measuring, mixing, and filling of the cookies sheets. She and I have cooked in my kitchen many, many times. BUT, on this day she asked if she could put the cookies in the HOT oven herself. She assured me that she does it all the time at home.  Oh boy, she was ready but was I for this first. The feelings that came over me was much like pushing her off on her first attempt on a two wheeler without the training wheels. Knowing there must be a few bumps and scrapes involved to master the skill. I didn't want any kind of injury so I equipped her with huge hot pad mittens that went clear up to her elbows to get the cookie sheets in and out of the oven.

Although it wasn't a first for her it was for me. I couldn't have been more proud of her confidence, the caution she demonstrated, and the encouraging words to get ME through it.

Great job Sweet Girl! 

What is the most recent first that you have encountered?


  1. I blogged just the other day about being on a quiet northern-Minnesota lake and getting a cell phone call from our grandson: "I went poop in the potty!" Each day for a week, as we fished in the light of the setting sun, we got an update. By the end of the week, he was diaper-free and accident-free. Woo-hoo!

  2. Shelley - Lovely, funny, very familiar story. I"m relieved to know I"m not the only one chasing the 'fear monsters back in the closet' to support their growth.

    I even had them with my kids, and the family will never forget how I sobbed and buried my face in the corner of the back seat the first time I was passenger with my youngest daughter - driving through the parking lot! :)

    Your description of our thrills at sharing the exciting firsts is adorable. I'll have a big smile on my face all afternoon!

    Thank you for sharing this precious vignette!

  3. Hi Grandma Shelley,

    You are not alone! Last week Amara, my 6 year old Granddaughter and her Mommy took me to lunch. The "first" came when her Mommy let her go to the bathroom all by herself! I about had a nervous breakdown but her parents decided a few weeks ago to start letting her go by herself IF they were in a restaurant they were familiar with and IF they could see the bathroom door from where they were sitting.

    I don't know if I am ready for this!! 1st grade is only 3 weeks away. THAT will be a first, too!

    Thanks for sharing. Love you stories.

    ~Grandma Kc

  4. It takes patience to let your grandkids bake. What a great way to reinforce math skills. I know it's the teacher in me that always looks for ways to help kids with math.