Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Popcorn Store

Three of my grandsons who are nine, seven, and four have had kid's summer movie tickets to our local theater this summer. Every Tuesday morning they have loaded up to go see the movie of the week. Their mother who hasn't fallen too far from her frugal mothers tree (me) purchased a 2010 movie t-shirt from the theater for a one time fee. That t-shirt, if shown at the ticket window gets you a free popcorn voucher with every visit to the movie theater.

Each time the boys have gone to the movies they have stopped at the concession stand for their free popcorn and to have their 2010 movie drink cups refilled (also at a great savings).

I have taken the boys a few times this summer when their mommies schedule didn't allow her to take them herself. The first time I took them  the littlest one kept talking about the Popcorn Store. Thankfully, I had the big brothers along to help explain. In his little mind it is a popcorn store that just happens to offer a movie to watch while eating the popcorn.

The other night they drove by the theater on their way to Target. The little one says "Hey mommy, the popcorn store lights up". She said, "Isn't that cool?" and he responded with a very quiet,  heartfelt, and in awe "It sure is."

It is also a tradition to play in the water in the nearby patio area for a few minutes after each visit to the popcorn store.

You push a button and the toad spits out water!

This booth has always been out of order on our visits
but that hasn't kept the boys from checking it out.

Do you have a favorite movie snack to eat at the popcorn store?

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