Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thankful Tree Bursting with Color and Gratitude

The bare branches of our thankful tree was filled with hand cut leaves and hand written words of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.

The kids had to climb up a step stool to reach the top branches.

I loved reading all of their leaves.

This picky little pre-schooler chose to add pizza (one of the few things he will eat well), Mini Bears (the name of his pre-school), and kisses!

Even the youngest of my grands wanted in on the activity.

My three year old grandson chose his words of gratitude.
He had his mom write them in pencil.
Then, he wrote over the letters with a marker.

Some of the words of gratitude that fill our tree are:

Flowers, friends, soap, cars, teachers, parents, school, church, family,
 house, power, doctors, hugs, television, grandkids, earth, apples,
body, Jesus, bananas, trees, grandmas, inhaler, papas, 
money, and the Dollar Tree Store!


  1. What a wonderful thing to do. I need to do that at my home for all the grandchildren.

  2. What a wonderfully eclectic list! And your tree is lovely, of course.

  3. Great leaves o' plenty! I love the one for "power"! Is that as in "electricity" or domain over others!? Love it!

  4. I had three of my grandsons and their family over for dinner yesterday. As they were leaving I said I was sad about taking down the thankful tree. My seven year old exclaimed; "You're going to take it down????!!!!"

    It is a perfect message for the Christmas season and a good reminder to live IN Thanksgiving all year long but those colors really clash with my Christmas decor.

    Lisa, It was power as in breaker boxes, plugs, cables, extension cords, adapters, lights, electric devices, sparks, and in making things go. "Power" was from my nine year old grandson who's little mind and hands are constantly experimenting and creating then sharing the conclusions! Loved it too.

  5. It looks like your Thankful Tree really grew. I agree with your 7 year old grandson. Don't take it down!