Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Fringed Winter Scarf ... All by Myself!

Our gathering activity at this years
Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp
was a 
Winter Scarf

I had pre-cut lengths of fleece fabric. 
They were each cut the full width of the 
fleece fabric (approx. 58") and 9" wide.
1 yard of fleece fabric yields four scarves.

Each child was given a length of 
fabric of their choice, a pair of scissors,
 a  ruler, and a piece of chalk.

They began by cutting off the salvage edges.
Nice and straight cuts please!

They then used their rulers to measure 6" up
on each end and they drew a nice straight chalk line
using their rulers as a straight edge.
(a new skill for some)

They then cut the ends to create a fringe.
Cut 1/2-3/4" wide slits to the chalk line.

Each piece of fringe is tied across
the top of the fringe piece.

 Tie  like you would a balloon.
(another new skill many were happy to master)

They were pretty proud of their handmade scarves.

And they did look
pretty darn cute on them.

No sewing required and you can purchase any length of fabric so you could easily do this with one child or 20. Wouldn't it be fun to make matching scarves with your child? After Christmas there will be great deals on holiday fleece throws... for probably less than you can purchase fabric for. They could certainly be re-purposed for this project. So, plan ahead for next year!

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