Thursday, February 24, 2011

St. Patricks Day Craft

I came across this idea and I thought it was absolutely adorable.  
The instructions and pattern are here for making this really cute craft.

You only have to make one frame and all of the lucky
little ones you love can see themselves as a very cute leprechaun!

The craft is a foam frame that is framing a mirror.
I would love to have pics just like this one
of my grands this St. Patrick's Day!

This idea could also be used for St. Patrick's day 
decor in the child's bedroom or bathroom.
Make the frame and stick it right to an existing mirror.
I'm certain it would be loved!


  1. That is cute. Could use construction paper and add their pictures in behind them, that would be cute too and something for a classroom to do so each child would have one to take home.

  2. This really would be fun in the classroom! I can see Amara and all of her little 1st grade friends wearing leprechaun masks!! If it is made of foam you could easily make it into one. Can't you just see them all being leprechauns?