Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy to be the Runner Up....

Is Papa here? When will he be home? How much longer until Papa gets home? Will I still be here when Papa gets here?  How much longer until Papa gets home....... YAY!!!! (jumping up and down)  Papa's here, Papa's here, Papa's here!!!!!!!!!!!!

My soon to be eight year old grandson (#4) absolutely adores his Papa! I am just fine with him when Papa isn't around but I am a clear runner up to Papa when we are both in this grandsons presence. I couldn't be happier about being the runner up. I love seeing his adoration for his Papa.

His mom reports that while we were away on our recent travels that he was missing us both. When we were gone his family was watching some old family videos that my son had transferred to DVD for our families one Christmas. While missing "BOTH" of us so badly he says: "Hearing PAPA'S voice helps me to not miss HIM so much."

When we returned from our trip it was #4's mom who picked us up at the airport. #4 and his bigger brother were in the back seat. Papa joined the boys in the backseat for the nearly one hour ride home. It was non stop chatter to catch up on one another's weeks. #4 was all smiles about his Papa's return.

When we reached our driveway #4 jumped into action to get our luggage back into our house RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS1

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