Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picture This!

In my travels this summer I spent a few days in 
Seattle, Washington.

 My husband and I were watching the local news in Seattle. We had to laugh about the photo's that were being sent in by the viewers. The viewers in Arizona do the same thing with our severe lightening strikes,  Haboobs, and the forest fires. The viewers in Seattle send in pictures of the slightest amount of sun peaking through the clouds and they make the news! 

Among all of the talented artists, craft vendors, street performers, 
bushels and bushels of flowers,

 fish markets, 

fresh cups of crab meat being enjoyed,

farmers markets filled with fruits and vegetables, 


and a donut making machine that my husband 
thought we should get for ourselves but, 
(With our donut loving grands in mind.)

this is the one street performing act 
that I had never seen before that I had
to remember.
This performer would change his pose every few minutes.

No wait, this was an actual light fixture I spotted.

This one liked to catch someone's eye then
move just the slightest bit.
Why did I want to remember this
street act?

It's just one more fun way to
play pretend with my grandchildren
of course!

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