Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Party Invites

It is time for Papa and I to celebrate a new year of learning with our grandchildren. Each year we host a back to school party for our school age grandchildren. Depending on the activity pre-schoolers may or may not be invited. This year we will have eight guests attending between the ages of four and eleven years old.

I used some good ol' fashioned clipping and pasting techniques to create the eight invites. The school bus cutouts were something I had picked up for free in the grocery store. I covered the advertising on them and added my own text. I cut out the eight little heads of our back to school guests and placed them in the bus. They make me smile every time I look at them smiling at me through the windows of the bus.

We plan to take the kids to see the new Spy Kids movie and out to lunch. I have a few more fun surprises planned for our little gathering but I can't share them quite yet. Some of my favorite little people follow my blog!

I made red envelopes for hand delivery using construction paper.

They didn't cost me a thing other than my time. They were a labor of love with the time I spent cutting out their eight little heads, making 40 cuts of card stock needed for each bus, and gluing on ten different papers and printouts to complete my little project.

Despite taking quite a bit of time I couldn't help but smile with each cut and glue application knowing just how much the grands are going to love these invites! Stay tuned for the other surprises I have planned.


  1. The invites are so cute! Your grands are going to have so many wonderful memories of all the things you have done for and with them!

    2 gold stars fro you!

  2. The invitations are precious! I need to develop better radar for bargains and freebies, because I never seem to find the good stuff you do!