Thursday, August 4, 2011

Such a Lucky Grandma!

It was back to school time this week for at least two of my grandchildren. For me and two of my grandsons this means that morning bus stop bonding moments are going to continue this school year. Last year I had five grandchildren catching the bus every morning at the end of my front walk. I am going to miss four of them being here this year but I wish them the very best at their new charter school!

My daughter was keeping her youngest tightly under her wing by planning to take him and pick him up from kindergarten each day. Unknown to me, the bigger brother, a seasoned 3rd grader, wanted to start out the school year riding the bus.

I was sitting at my desk the other morning with my office shutters open. I noticed a reflection of something behind me in the computer screen. I turned to see  two little eye cupped inside two little hands against the glass looking in at me. The joy of the early morning bus stop tradition returning rushed through my entire body.

Imagine my daughter's surprise yesterday when she went to pick up her baby from school and he insisted on riding the bus home with his older brother. My daughter followed closely behind the bus until he was safely returned home.

Imagine my surprise this morning when the little guy came to catch the bus with his brother. My daughter was here too of course. He talked my ear off about his new little backpack, his new friends, and all about his classroom and teacher. My heart just swelled as I was able to be a part of this huge milestone for he and his mommy.

As the bus approached my daughter reminded her 3rd grade son to watch out for his brother, her little guy on how to safely wait for the bus, and she shared a few words with the bus driver regarding her newest little passenger. As the bus pulled away I stood on the porch and I waved as I always do.  As my daughter turned and looked at me (filled with mixed emotions) as she was heading back home I gave her a very supportive thumbs up.

I am such a lucky grandma!

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  1. You really are!! And those are some very lucky grandchildren.