Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Fall Day

Fall break from school brought some fun quality hours with our grandchildren. In fact, number one on one of my grandson's list was to spend a day with Papa and I. The week nearly got away from us before having this little guy and his brothers over. We decided to have them over for an early pancake breakfast and some special at home activities.

We ate lots of pancakes and bacon, crafted a Halloween project, went for a walk, played tetherball, raced Papa's remote control car, and made invention crafts. The day was going so well that we had to call their mom and dad and request to keep them a little longer than we had planned.

After our request was approved we decided to head to the park to feed the ducks after picking up some pizza for a picnic lunch. One loaf of stale bread went a long way in making the trip to the park extra special. (We also discovered fish and turtles in the water!)

Papa and I watched as the boys tackled the playground equipment. Before leaving the park we had a bit of a water fight with some ice cold water the boys found in the bottom of our ice chest. It was a warm day so the cold water play was actually a nice end to our afternoon at the park.

Papa and I ended our day together with a trip to the boys favorite donut shop for a donut of their choice. Can you believe that even with our extended time together that they were not ready to go home when mom and dad arrived? For Papa and I that meant that our very simple and last minute day together was a complete success!


  1. Ducks and donuts do indeed make for an awesome fall day. You are so good at making memorable moments with your grandkids!

  2. I had a similarly lovely day with my grandchildren yesterday. We played some board games, baked cookies and went to the local park. I just can't stop smiling on days like that!