Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Where has the time gone? I have been away from my blogging for far too long. My previous post probably gave you some idea of where I have been.

My youngest daughter recently had oral surgery to remove all four wisdom teeth. Her recovery was very painful for her and time consuming and exhausting to me as I tried to keep her as comfortable as possible. Her normally very active dog Kabella stayed at her side through the whole miserable ordeal!  

During this time I was pretty much home bound other than to run for more Sonic ice for the ice packs, to the pharmacy for refills, or to Wendy's for a couple more days worth of Frosties. In between Frosties I was crushing ramen noodles before cooking them well for something warm and easy for her to eat.

Her around the clock ice packs then heat packs recovery time took about ten days and her diet is still one of soft and easy to chew foods. It will be an experience she (and I) will never forget!

When she was well enough to leave home alone my husband and I took a couple of days to just get out of the house and play. Somewhere within our play land I picked up a stomach bug that my tired immune system could not fight off. Yuck, Yucky, and Yuckier best describes my last few days.

So, no need to be jealous that I have been away shopping for a new fall wardrobe, traveling to exotic places, spending my days at some pampered resort, or even getting to hang out with my grandchildren. I have been right where I should be.  At home caring for one of those I love the most!


  1. Not only are you a wonderful Grandma -- you're a great Mom. I bet she really appreciated everything you did for her. Glad you're back!

  2. Ah, that is so nice of you. Aren't we moms wonderful! Ha ha. I love her sweet dog staying with her...I remember when she got him and she posted his picture on FB. He is a cutie. Hope she is fully recovered.

  3. So sorry for your double ordeal! But I'm sure your daughter appreciated it and will remember what good care you took of her.