Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Almighty Dollar

Being a retired grandma and Papa certainly has its perks. We are able to attend the day time school functions with our grands, have lunch with them on occasion, help with the carpool if we so choose, and enjoy their school breaks with them without having to negotiate the time off.

Along with some wonderful retirement perks there are always a few nagging questions. Did we prepare well enough? Will our nest egg be enough? Should we be sitting on our nest egg or investing it? Do we know enough to make good financial decisions?

With today's technology there is information to help make informed financial decisions right at our fingertips. Do I want to tackle the financial market? Is Online Trading for me? How about an 
Online Broker? What about Stock Trading? Are my investments protected?  What is the difference between tax free and tax deferred? It can all be so confusing. 

My husband has always managed the finances in our marriage so much of the financial world is foreign to me. I recently came across an investment glossary online. I think the glossary is a good place for me to start. If I ever find myself in foreign financial waters alone for one reason or another it would be a real lifesaver to speak the language!

While peace of mind comes with having plenty of the almighty dollars saved and invested for retirement it is those we love, those we love spending our retirement years with, those who call us mom and dad, and grandma and papa that we deem our most prized investments and our priceless eternal  treasures!

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