Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Can it Be?

I cannot believe how this year has flown by. It is already time for my family to schedule our Ho...Ho... Ho...liday traditions and events again! While Thanksgiving can be planned with just a few
e-mails the week before the Christmas season requires far more organizing, planning, scheduling, and to-do lists because we plan multiple outings, parties, a grandma camp, our adult night out, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We plan around everyone's schedules so that everyone can be sure to come to everything. Bringing the family together is what it is all about!

Along with all we do as a family we also want to allow time and resources to do little Christmas somethings for our neighbors, friends, teachers, co-workers, classrooms, our church family, and our extended family members. I really like giving food gifts at Christmas. You can do so many different, fun, inexpensive, delicious, and festive things with store bought food items or home baked goodies and breads. You can give a festive basket, tins, gift bags, bottled, canned, and even zippered plastic bags with a fun topper when you make your holiday visit to wish those you consider friends and loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

The internet is full of creative food gift ideas. There are ideas out there for every taste and budget. I really like to glean from the ideas of others to get my own creative juices flowing or sometimes I tweak what someone else has done to make it my own. Festive cellophane and ribbon become a staple in my pantry during the holidays. That's all you really need to turn a plain paper plate filled with goodies into something really special. I like having a basket with some holiday colored card stocks, Christmas printed papers, a variety of ribbons, and a pair of scissors in the kitchen too for making my own custom gift tags for my food gifts.

What food gifts do you like to give during the holidays?


  1. I love giving things like homemade pumpkin bread. Easy to make and very yummy!

  2. For the past 20 something years, I have given coconut brunch bread to my neighbors with a small christmas decoration. I have been told that if I ever stop bringing the bread, I better move or suffer the concequences! It takes a long time to bake but I can double the recipe and turn out many at a time which frees up time.