Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Modern Day Knitters

I used to think that knitting was something that grey haired old grannies sitting in their rockers only did. Whether it really used to be that way or not it definitely isn't that way today. I learned the basics of knitting as a young girl in a youth program at my church to pass off a requirement but the skills I acquired to stitch up a very crooked hot pad were quickly forgotten when I hit my teen years.

Knitting has become a skill that I admire very much. It is a marketable and very artistic skill too. Hand knitted items can have some high end price tags and the modern day knitted projects are as cute as they can be. Hand knitted gifts for a loved one would make a very thoughtful and sentimental gift too. Today they are knitting purses, headbands, belts, scarves, toys, leggings, gloves, ruffled sweaters, dresses, and even men's neckties!

The yarns are amazing. I don't know that much about it but there are all kinds of weights, textures, and blends. Wool for knitting makes beautiful and lasting projects. I recently checked out a knitting website that has the cutest name ever. It is called "Wool and the Gang". How cute is that?

For very late and probably slow learners like me the site has free on-line tutorials on how to knit. I loved many of the projects, ideas, and patterns that they have on their site. Darn it! I want to know how to knit today! There are some great projects that my family members would love to receive as Christmas gifts.

What kind of grandma am I to not have the skills to be teach my daughters and granddaughters how to knit? You better believe that I am going to do my best to master the basic knit and purl stitches. Maybe even the loop, ladder and bobble stitches too. I love fringe and ruffles so that is on my knitting skills wish list too.

Do you think grandma's from days gone by knitted their whole lives or did they become knitters later in life like I plan to be?

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