Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Name It.... It's Probably Happened!

There are two things that we willingly bring into our homes that should come with a huge warning label attached. They are children and pets. They both bring unmeasurable joy into our homes and lives but they can also bring us some some pretty big sweep up, wipe up, sponge up, mop up, scrub it, sanitize it, repaint it, replace it, launder it, and odor neutralize it jobs to do.

One such example as a grandma is when I had four of my grandchildren for a few days. The youngest was still in diapers. While I was making lunch for the four children he took his diaper off, pooped on the floor at the back end of my wood floor hallway, sat in the poop and then dragged his bottom down the long hallway. It appeared that he had done it over and over. How can one little guy be such a stink bomb? As I began to clean it up his next bigger sister's gag reflex kicked in and she threw up on my bedroom carpet. More clean up.

Last Sunday morning I got a call. It was my daughters family. She, her husband, and their only well child all had assignments at church. I was needed to go watch their three sick ones at home while they took care of their assignments. Their little family has been passing around a coughing, massive nasal draining, vomiting, and feeling bad all over bug. My oldest granddaughter was giving me a blow by blow account of what has been going on on the illness and clean up front. There had been many of those clean ups that I spoke of going on pretty regularly. My granddaughter even at her young age knows that having a do it yourself carpet cleaning machine in the house is a must during such times. She has seen it in action many times.

My son and his family has also invested in having a carpet cleaning machine in the house too. It is so much better than how we used to do take care of the pet and children clean ups. We would do our best to clean things up between carpet cleanings but we always had those nagging spots that seemed to absorb anything that touched it. And the germs left.....I don't even want to think about it.

The do it yourself clean up products, tools, the in house machines like my kids have invested in, and the professional services available today at least make the germ filled jobs that our four legged and two legged loved ones create much more efficient to manage!

While you name it.... and it's probably happened it's just part of being a family, an opportunity to serve another, and probably pay back because we all we were young (with pets) at one time too!

What was your most recent clean up project?

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  1. My biggest mess to clean up after isn't the 3 cats. It isn't our fabulous Granddaughter. It's Grampy! Grampy and his coffee in particular! I love that man but he is very messy! I want one of those carpet cleaning machines for Christmas -- please Santa!