Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Bird Ornament

This little project could be used as a Christmas ornament or a gift tag.

All you need to make this kid friendly project is:

A cardboard cut out
Mine came from last years $1 section clearance rack at 80%
off making a set of five just .20 cents! You could certainly sketch 
and cut out your own design on heavy card stock.

Gift wrap or craft paper
I used gift wrap.

A glue stick


Emery board

A hanger of your choice

A hole puncher
Mine came with the hole in it, the five birds
had a ring through them.

To make:

Cut two pieces of paper just large enough to cover the cutout.
I wanted the notes to be going the right direction
and the word "JOY" to be right where it is!
So, watch your paper patterns if desired.

Completely cover one side of the bird with
glue using a glue stick.

Lay the paper on the bird and smooth out
making sure all edges are sticking.

With scissors do a rough cut around the shape of
the bird. It does not have to be perfect.

Allow glue to dry completely.

Use an emery board to file the edge of the paper off.
File by pushing out only not back and forth.
Kids will love using this new craft tool!

Repeat the process for the other side.
If you are making a gift tag you could cover
the other side with plain paper.

Use the emery board to gently file the
top and bottom edges of both sides
 (if you are making an ornament)
 to give the project a weathered look.

Punch a hole if needed.

Add a tie.

Hang it on the tree and enjoy the moment!


  1. This is too cute! I am partial to birds, so I wouldn't mind having a flock of these on my tree. Probably won't happen this year, so I'll have to bookmark this post for next year.

  2. Another great idea! I love birds too. Thanks!