Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made with Love

This was a scheduled activity for the Grandkid's Christmas Overnighter. It has been a standing tradition that each child makes and packs their own lunch around my big kitchen island as one of our camp activities for an outdoor picnic lunch here in the warm winter deserts of Arizona.

I always supply special Christmas lunch sacks, sandwich fixings, chips, goodies, baggies, a special Christmas napkin, and a drink box. It is always a flurry of mayo spreading, baggie filling, and goodie selecting. The prepared and labeled lunch sacks are then put in the fridge until it is time for our picnic.

However, this year there was a twist. Each child was to make the lunch for one of their cousins rather than themselves as an act of service using the "made with love" lunch sacks.  And, because of our change in schedule this year it would be taken home to be eaten for lunch rather than eating it at the camp out.

HOWEVER, we ran out of time before the cousins could pack the lunches for another cousin. (We were up against some early in the day dental appointments for the kids this year.) Papa and I packed the ten lunches (with a whole lotta' love) ourselves. Some of the lunches required a later in the day special delivery which we did not mind making!

This little modified tradition is already penciled in for next year. I can't wait to see their little acts of Christmas service in action!


  1. Could you please give details about how you made those adorable lunch sacks??

  2. Anonymous said...
    Could you please give details about how you made those adorable lunch sacks??

    I wish I could take credit for creating the bags themselves but they are store bought and I can't even remember from which store. I purchased them last year after Christmas with a deep discount. I'm guessing that you could probably copy cat the look using stamps.