Friday, December 23, 2011

Milk Jug Christmas Lantern

There is little that could have brought me more holiday cheer 
than from receiving this priceless glimpse from the home of three of
my grandsons the night following the Grandkid's Christmas Camp.

The Milk Jug Christmas Lantern 
was one of our camp projects.

Each child was shown the flowered example in the above photo.
They were given a sheet of green tissue paper and a sheet of red
tissue paper to create their own lantern designs.

Tissue paper, a sponge brush, school glue,
scissors, a strand of lights, and an imagination is all
you need to make this project.

To make:

Wash the milk jugs and drain.

Cut along the top and two sides of the milk jug label.

This will create a door flap to insert the lights.

Dry the inside of the jug well.

(I had prepped my ten milk jugs to this point.)

Draw and cut out desired shapes to decorate the jug.

Brush on a thin layer of glue to the area of the jug where
you wish to place your paper.

Gently smooth out the paper in the glue.

Brush over the top of the paper with a thin layer of glue too.

Repeat until desired design is achieved!

Allow to dry.

Insert lights.

Oh so merry and bright!


  1. What a great project! Have a wonderful Christmas, Grandma Shelley.

  2. I've seen something similar for Halloween, but what a great idea for Christmas as well!